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Grand Action Cart

Grand Action Cart

The Grand Action Cart was designed in 1992 after visiting the Baldwin piano factory and observing the employees utilizing a cart to assist in the removal and transportation of grand actions during the construction of pianos. The advantage the factory has is that all its pianos are placed at a similar height and as such, the carts used will fit all pianos in that factory. As field technicians we encounter a varieties of piano manufacturers and models. The various heights encountered necessitated an action cart with adjustable height. My design incorporates that feature and is adjustable from 23 1/2" to 28" in height. The action cart comes with locking casters that are rated at 75 lb. load capacity each. The cart weighs approximately 14 lbs.

After using the cart for several years a table top feature was added which allows the cart to be the base for a portable workbench. The top is made of birch plywood and when installed gives a work surface of 19" by 60". This is adequate for placing a vertical action in an action cradle and performing repairs in home or as an auxiliary workbench in the shop. The top is hinged and folds in half when not installed on the Action Cart. The cart is assembled by unfolding the hinged frame panels and securing them in place with braces. All the braces are attached with machine screws that are secured into steel threaded inserts. This allows multiple assembly of the Action Cart with no resulting stripped screw holes in the wooden frames. The braces are flat steel with holes in each end. When in the rest or unopened position the braces are secured at both ends with machine screws. When the Action Cart is assembled, the machine screw is removed from one end of the brace and then rotated to the appropriate receiving hole on the opposite frame.

The machine screw is then used to hold it in place. The screws for the Table Top nest in the top of the action cart until needed to secure the top in place. At that time they are removed from the cart and used to secure the Table Top to the Action Cart. As such, all hardware has a home in which to live until needed. The height adjustment is accomplished by loosening a pair of wing nuts on each leg and raising the cart to the height desired and then simply tightening down the wing nuts.

The entire Action Cart and Table Top can be assembled in approximately 5 minutes using only a screwdriver. When working on grand piano actions the Table Top is not needed as the Action Cart will support the grand action itself. One design feature is that the grand action can rest, fully supported, on the Action Cart while the technician is seated at the piano bench. The pedals are also accessible with the cart in front of the piano so depressing the soft pedal for voicing can be done.

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