Get Your Piano Sounding Its Best

Make sure every key is hitting properly

Over time, every piano suffers from general wear and tear. Whether it's the compacting of cloth, the changing characteristics of the wood or the effects of humidity, action regulation is a way to bring your piano back to its proper condition. Action regulation gives the greatest control and dynamic contrast for playing your piano.

Norman has been performing action regulation on pianos for decades and understands the intricacies of making your piano seem like it is brand-new. Reach out to Cantrell's Piano Clinic today to learn more about how action regulation can help your piano sound amazing.

The mechanics of action regulation

The mechanics of action regulation

There are three major aspects of action regulation. When these aspects work together, your piano can produce a perfect melody. These parts include:

  • The Keys-The keys are the gateway to producing music with your piano. Keys must be level, consistent in travel and properly lubricated to engage the action for maximum performance.
  • The Action -The action is a series of mechanical levers that transfer the energy from the keys to the hammers to produce musical sound. Many alignments and adjustments must be accurately performed to give you the most dynamic experience when playing the piano.
  • The Pedals-The pedals are used to give the pianist additional methods of expression. From sustain to soft playing the pedals must be adjusted properly and free from mechanical noises to help the pianist achieve the greatest dynamic contrasts when playing the piano.

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