Matching Your Piano to Your Style

Hear your music as it was meant to be heard

Every piano has a voice just like other instruments do. Just as an electric guitar is perfect for rock music, your piano should be voiced to match the style of music you play on it. By adjusting the piano action to function optimally, the piano's voice can change dramatically.

Cantrell's Piano Clinic can voice your piano for:

Solo performance
Concert performance
Singing accompaniment

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How does piano voicing help a piano's sound?

How does piano voicing help a piano's sound?

The goal of piano voicing is to allow the piano to play as evenly as possible from one note to the next. When a piano is voiced properly the pianist has a complete tonal color pallette available from a rich bass to a singing and melodic treble.

Make sure every key is playing smoothly and evenly. Hire Cantrell's Piano Clinic to voice your piano to perfection.