Let us Rebuild Your Piano to Perfection

Let Us Restore Your Piano

Rebuilding your piano involves major work to address problems with structural components like the pinblock and or soundboard. The case may be refinished at this time and the entire piano re-strung. The goal is to bring the piano into like new condition with new parts.

Experienced piano restoration

Experienced piano restoration

Over the years we have specialized in restoring certain special instruments. In these cases the pianos are old enough or unique enough that new replacement parts are not available. Refurbishing the existing parts with new felt and leather components as needed is often required in these instruments. Some action parts are duplicated if the existing ones are too badly damaged. We have even duplicated missing case parts for some pianos. The goal is to duplicate the original as closely as possible for these special and deserving instruments.

Let's bring your piano back to life

At Cantrell's Piano Clinic, we make it our goal to make your piano sound as good as new with new parts.